Web Design (Boomerang Group)

Description Boomerang Web Design is a service provided by ITS Web Technology Services. We help departments on campus freshen up their web site both in look and to make sure it meets web standards. Using a fleet of students mentored by full-time staff, the student web designers perform the majority of design work. This model involves recruiting students with an interest in pursuing careers in IT and/or web design and affords them a unique opportunity to fully participate in and gain real-world experience while engaging in all facets of a web design project
Support link None
Getting help/information Contact Web Technology Services directly
Support hours Normal Business Hours
Signing up Contact Web Technology Services directly
Getting training On site training with the customer's web site
Common actions Redesigning departmental and organizational web sites
Charges New Site Design

$200 for each new design requested
$100 for using an existing design (see designs at http://boomerang.its.uiowa.edu/unused/)
$15/hr for development work 

Ongoing Care

$100 for training session session
$15/hr for ongoing maintenance
For Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Students
Status Phase-Out