Digital Media Delivery and Storage

IT service providers in colleges and departments are given access to centralized media servers to deliver streaming media, media collections, and podcasts. This gives local IT staff the ability to provide services and support to faculty they support who are interested in using media.
There are three main components to digital media delivery options:
Streaming/On-demand: download, progressive download, real-time streaming
    * Analogous to watching a DVD on your television. You can watch it any time and skip ahead to sections that interest you.
    * Download: The entire video is sent. Playback starts after the entire file has been downloaded.
    * Progressive download: The entire video is sent. Playback begins after a portion of the video has been downloaded.
    * Real-time streaming: Sends a continuous stream of video to your computer. Playback begins almost immediately.
    * A large number of customers use embedded media players to play back media that has been stored on University of Iowa servers. (Please see the Open Player Project information for customized players you can use.)
Podcasting: a series of digital media files, usually digital audio or video, that is made available for download using web syndication called an RSS feed. Iowa’s podcast delivery mechanisms are iTunesU and
Live webcasting: designed for live application, and is analogous to broadcast television. Watching the event as it is happening.

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