Information Technology Services at The University of Iowa

Remote dial-up access will end Sept. 30

dialupOn Sept. 30, ITS will retire the service that provides remote dial-up access to the Internet.

ITS’ Remote Access service facilitates off-campus, dial-up access to the Internet for academic or work-related purposes. The service also is used by some campus residents who do not have a direct connection to the campus network. The service supports 56Kb connections to the Internet.

“Use of the service has steadily declined over the past few years, and almost every month sets a new record low,” says Steve Troester, Manager of the Network Services work group in TNS. “The costs of supporting the service continue to rise, despite the dramatic decline in the number of users, and it’s simply no longer economically feasible to continue it.” Steve says the number of users of the Remote Access service peaked at 5,900 in May 2003. In June of this year, only 279 people used the service, a 95 percent drop.

Users are being contacted with information about alternative Internet service providers. For more information, visit the Remote Access Dial-Up Service website.

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