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IPv6 deployment set for July 15

Version 6 of the Internet Protocol, or IPv6, will be enabled on the University of Iowa campus network at 9 a.m. on Thursday, July 15.

IPv6 will make available far more Internet address space than the current addressing standard, IPv4. At current usage rates, global IPv4 address space is expected to be exhausted in 2012.

At the University of Iowa, IPv6 is being deployed in parallel with IPv4. The two protocols will run side-by-side for at least several years, allowing time for devices and applications to add IPv6 functionality before IPv4 is disabled. Most devices that connect to the Internet will use both IPv4 and IPv6 during the transition. There is currently no date set for disabling IPv4; however, as IPv4 addresses grow increasingly scarce, it is likely that new networks, as well as new devices on existing networks, will be forced to utilize only IPv6 at some point.

The core of the campus network at Iowa has been using IPv6 for well over a year, including external connectivity (via Internet2). The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the College of Engineering are responsible for networking within their respective facilities. IT staff for those organizations will determine and announce their own IPv6 deployment plans.

The ITS Help Desk website features introductory IPv6 information at

Consult your departmental or college IT support staff about what IPv6 means for your part of the campus network.

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