Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) is available upon request to faculty researchers/scholars at the University of Iowa.  Each RDSS file share will be 3 TB at no cost to the user.  Extra space can be purchased. If needed, you can select to have your backups disabled if your data/research requires it.  Please note, this will be for your whole storage space and can not be limited to individual folders.

CIFS/SMB file shares can be audited and can contain Level III (sensitive) data (if audited).

NFS file shares cannot be audited and cannot contain Level III (sensitive) data.

The RDSS service is provided by Information Technology Services.

Do you want this data to be audited because of sensitive data needs?
If NFS is selected, you must provide a set of ip addresses or ip range for the machines that will be accessing the data.
Briefly explain what this data storage will be used for.
This is limited usually to just the PI as this grants super user rights to your folder.
Please include any additional HawkIDs that need "Modify" access to your folder
Please include any additional HawkIDs that need "Read Only" access to your folder
Please provide any additional information if needed.