Identity Finder Resources for IT Administrators - Article 1946

The following resources are for UI IT Administrators. For information regarding Identity Finder use on a single work or personal computer, see the Identity Finder Support Site.

Request ITS to Scan File Systems

Fill out this form to request ITS to scan University of Iowa ITS-managed file systems.

Identity Finder Deployment Strategies

This document discusses various strategies for deploying Identity Finder to various systems.

Identity Finder UI Customized vs. Un-customized Settings Matrix

This matrix identifies the default Identity Finder settings and the UI customized version of Identity Finder settings.

UI Identity Finder Listserv Mailing List

For administrator issues/discussions related to Identity Finder, you can subscribe to the UI Identity Finder mailing list. To subscribe, send a message to In the body of the message, include the following:subscribe identityfinder yourfirstname yourlastname

A confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address asking you to confirm your subscription request. You must reply to this message with ok in the body of the message. Leave the subject unchanged.

Useful Information for Scanning Servers

  • In order to scan Office 2007 file types (.xlsx, .docx, etc) you need to either install Office 2007 on the server or install the Microsoft iFilters:

    For additional iFilters supported by Identity Finder see:

  • In order to scan .pst files locally on the server, you need to either install Outlook on the server or have them scanned remotely from a workstation with an Outlook profile defined to look at the .pst files.

  • When the scan is running on the server, the scan results are kept in memory.  If you are scanning a large number of files, it is possible for the memory footprint of IDF to exceed what is allowed by Windows (max for a 32 bit Windows is 2GB so IDF may have problems once it gets larger than 1GB).  In order to work around this problem, there are a few suggestions:

    • Chunk up the data into smaller portions by scanning the directories in multiple smaller scans instead of a single large scan.

    • Scan with multiple passes where the first pass looks for SSN, 2nd scan looks for CC#, 3rd scan looks for passwords, etc.

  • The scan on the server can be run in low priority mode.  In limited testing, it took about 12 hours to scan 225GB of data.  Results will vary based on the type of files scanned.

If you have questions or issues regarding IT Administrator tasks with Identity Finder, use the Identity Finder Listserv for support or contact the ITS Help Desk.

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