Data Backup Options - Article 303

Windows CD Writing Wizard - This option is built in to the Windows operating system. To back up your data using this option, your computer will need to have a CD-RW drive or “CD burner”. You will also need several blank CDs.

Backup Utility for Windows - This option also comes built in to the Windows operating system. The utility creates a single backup file of all of your data, which you can store on your hard drive, a USB Key, an external hard drive, or burn to a CD or DVD. You can also use the same utility to restore your data from the backup file, should your data become corrupted or lost.

Knoppix Boot CD - Knoppix is a Linux boot CD created by Klaus Knopper. Don't let the word "Linux" scare you off, however. Knoppix can be used on most Windows computers and is best suited for instances where your Windows operating system has been corrupted and you are unable to boot into your desktop workspace.

Files@Iowa - ITS provides students of the University with an online storage space for your academic-related data. Files in your Files@Iowa space are secure and backed up regularly. Store your important school papers, spreadsheets, class notes, etc. online and access them from any Internet-enabled computer.

Back up Your iTunes Music Library - If you have a large collection of music that you use with an iPod, then you probably store your music in iTunes. Use these instructions to create a back up of your iTunes music library.

Third Party Backup Software - There are several third party software programs available that help you back up the data on your computer. Visit PC Magazine's web site to read reviews of third party backup software.

Contact the ITS Help Desk at 4-HELP (4-4357) or if you need assistance or have any questions.

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