Submitting Events to the Master Calendar of Events - Article 345

Determining appropriate events for submission

  • Appropriate events are University-sponsored events that are open to the public. 
  • Anyone can submit events to the calendar, regardless of University affiliation.

Submitting Events

  • Click “Add Event” from top navigation bar.
  • Complete required fields (marked with an arrow) on submission form.
    • Event title should contain basic information about the event, please avoid event promotion.
    • Note: The post date is NOT the date of the event; it is the date you would like to have the event added to the Master Calendar.
    • Select “Master Calendar of Events” from the Calendars dropdown menu.
    • By clicking the “hide” boxes next to the Contact information fields, all contact information will be removed from the public details of the event listing.
  • You may fill in a brief event description for more detailed information.
    • The html editor on this form is disabled.
  • Add an image to your description by clicking “Add Image.”
    • In the popup box, browse your desktop for the image you would like to use and select “Attach.”
    • You will see the file name of the image listed below the description field if it has been successfully attached.
  • Event Times
    • Select a start date for your event and choose timed/untimed/all day event from the dropdown box.
    • Enter a start time and, if applicable, an end time. You may disregard the time zone menu, as it defaults to central time.
    • If the event is recurring, click the “Recurrence” box to enter details.  Click “Apply recurrence” when you are finished.
  • Additional Event Info

Custom Link

  • Select "Custom Link" in the "Type" drop down menu to add additional information and links about the event or the sponsoring organization.
  • Select "Custom Field" in the "Type" drop down menu to just add information and not links.

Email Field

  • Click the “Emails” tab if you would like to enter specific email addresses of parties who may be interested in your event posting. Event information will automatically be sent to the email addresses entered with approval.
  • In order to use the Email field, you must adhere to two University policies:

Attachments Field

  • You may attach miscellaneous files to your event posting by clicking the “Attachments” tab, selecting “Attach a File” and browsing your desktop for the appropriate file.


  • An optional identifier that allows for easy searching and retrieval of any events that are marked with this identifier.

    • Separate multiple tags with either commas or semi-colons.

  • Preview Event Submission
    • Select “Save/View Event” for a popup preview of your event as it would appear on the Master Calendar
    • After reviewing for accuracy, close the popup and click “Finished” on the Add Event form.
  • Canceling or Editing Submitted Events
    • To cancel or make changes to an event submitted to the Master Calendar, please contact the Master Calendar of Events manager at

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