This is for the Adobe products that are not included in the Adobe ETLA program. 

Adobe ETLA: Adobe Acrobat Pro and Creative Cloud are offered via the funded Adobe ETLA Program.

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Adobe Coldfusion
  • Adobe Font Folio
  • Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe server products and serveral others may also be included, contact for more information.

Type of License
Perpetual (doesn’t expire, purchased at specific version)
Single Install License (Single install allowed)
License Renewal Date
Jun 16 2021
How do you obtain the software
UI Offered Software (Order Form at the bottom of this page.)
Adobe Captivate v11
Additional information to obtain the software

Please contact if you need a title not listed.  

Portable or Home Computer Use. The user may install a second copy of the Software on a second system if they are not used at the same time and the user is the exclusive user of both systems.

Who Can Use
IT Professionals
How can the software be used
Academic (teaching purposes)
Academic Research (UI funded research)
Other Research (federally or outside funded)
Administrative (business purposes)
Where can the software be used
UI owned Systems On Campus
UI owned Systems Off Campus
Agreement Name
Adobe Volume Licensing Cumulative Licensing Program Education Membership,
Evaluation Date
Jun 15 2019
Risk Category

Software Order Form


Note: If there is a cost associated with your submission, at least the first MFK field must be properly filled in with a valid MFK.

Fund(3) - Organizational Unit(2) - Dept(4) - Sub-Dept(5) - Grant/Prog ID(1) - Grant/Program(7) - Institutional Account(4) - Org Account(3) - Departmental Account(5) - Function(2) - Cost Center(4)

I have reviewed the license restrictions and will abide by these restrictions (Who can use the software?  How can the software be used? Where can the software be used?). 

I have purchased and will install the software for the number of licenses that I have purchased. 

Non-commercial use only.

The license allows you the right to use the software for University of Iowa Departments for UI related business.  You do not own the license or the CDs, nor are you authorized to copy the media.  You will be required to remove the software from your machine if the machine leaves campus.  You will receive a Serial Number that will allow the installation of the Adobe product.  You are required to keep it secure and will be held responsible for unauthorized use.  All licenses are perpetual, meaning non-expiring.  If you purchased maintenance, then your maintenance period or upgrade plan expires 6/16/2019.  At that time you will need to renew your maintenance to continue getting upgrades.


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