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MATLAB Distributing Computing Server - 32 workers

Simulink Design Verifier

Type of License
Annual (expires annually, eligible for upgrades during that year)
License Renewal Date
Dec 31 2019
How do you obtain the software
Contact your department IT support person(s).
Health Care users should contact HCIS to acquire this tool.
Additional information to obtain the software
Distributed by the JAMF or SCCM tools, contact your IT support person(s).
Colleges and Acquisition/Support Contacts:
  • College of Business, Brian Heil
  • College of Engineering, Dan Mentzer or Christopher Fomon
  • College of Liberal Arts, Aran C. Cox
  • College of Medicine, Shannon Manley
  • College of Public Health, Michael Brady



Who Can Use
How can the software be used
Academic (teaching purposes)
Academic Research (UI funded research)
Where can the software be used
UI owned Systems On Campus
UI owned Systems Off Campus
Faculty & Staff Home Use (personally owned system)
Student Lab Use
Student Classroom Use
Student Home Use (personally owned system)
Agreement Name
The MathWorks, Inc. Software License Agreement, Online Services Agreement
Evaluation Date
Oct 10 2018
Risk Category
Additional License Information

The technology you have elected to purchase or obtain may tend to pose barriers to participation for some users, and it is recommended that an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan ( be completed before deployment of this technology. If you require assistance, you can contact the IT Accessibility Office to schedule a consultation.

Cloud Computing information. Approved for use with non-sensitive data.  If this tool is web or cloud based your IT support person(s) should work with the Identity Management team to set up single sign on -  If this is not an option, use passwords separate from the user’s University Hawk/Healthcare IDs.

Cloud best practices/resources: