Software and upgrades until 8/24/2019.

Type of License
Annual (expires annually, eligible for upgrades during that year)
License Renewal Date
Aug 24 2020
NVIVO New 2019-2020
Who Can Use
How can the software be used
Academic (teaching purposes)
Academic Research (UI funded research)
Where can the software be used
UI owned Systems On Campus
Agreement Name
NVIVO End-User License Agreement for QSR Software, Special negotiated agreement.
Evaluation Date
Aug 2 2019
Risk Category

Software Order Form


Note: If there is a cost associated with your submission, at least the first MFK field must be properly filled in with a valid MFK.

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I have reviewed the license restrictions and will abide by these restrictions (Who can use the software?  How can the software be used? Where can the software be used?). 

I agree to annual payments until August 24, 2018.

I have purchased and will install the software for the number of licenses that I have purchased. 

Non-commercial use only.


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