Faculty/Staff - Shared/Departmental Office 365 Account Request

Please allow 24 hours for your account request to be completed.


We recommend that campus departments and/or organizations request an Office 365 mailbox to provide a contact point for departmental level communications. 
Benefits include:

  1. Responsibilities for monitoring and responding to email can be shared.
  2. Communication is kept separate from individual assigned/personal mailboxes. 
    This is particularly important as staff transition roles within the department or organization.

For more information on shared/departmental accounts, see Managing Shared/Departmental Accounts.  Note: Once the account is created, you will not log directly into the shared account.

*** Please do not create any part of the account in advance.  Our processes will create the Active Directory account, the Exchange Mailbox and routing records. 

Do not publish the account name or email address until we send you confirmation that it has been created.

Account ID - Alias Naming Standards (No exceptions):
Alphanumeric, 3-20 characters.
Must contain at least one hyphen character.  This cannot be the first or last character.

Must start with an abbreviation for the Department, Organization, Program name followed by a hyphen
eg: ITS-HelpDesk; VPR-ResearchGrants
Length limit
of 20 characters or less including hyphens.
No spaces or special characters.

Note: The hyphen is used to distinguish these accounts from user HawkIDs.
The Account ID/Alias is what will appear before the @uiowa.edu eg: ITS-HelpDesk@uiowa.edu

When you send a message from this account, what would you like the display name field to be.
Display Name Naming Standards:
Department Name <optional hyphen> Program or Use description
Length limit
of 40 characters or less including spaces.

(e.g.: CLAS History Department  or  ITS-Help Desk)

List the HawkIDs or mail enabled "Universal" Security Group of people who need full access. 
*** Please separate each with a semicolon ;

*** Universal Security Group (and any groups within the group) must be mail-enabled and conform to the naming standards above (dept prefix-accountname-xxx)

People and Groups listed here will have full access to the account,
i.e. they can modify folder permissions, modify delegate access, and send email from the account.


Do you want this account listed in the online directory?
Directory Information will include Display Name, Account Alias and Department from above, plus Department Phone and Department Address from below when supplied.

This field only applies to the online university directory (https://iam.uiowa.edu/whitepages/search)

A campus address ending in a building code is recommended.  The white pages link the address back to the campus building maps using the last "word" in the address field.  If the building code is not valid, the link to the maps won't work.
eg.: 2800 UCC

By Default, this account will appear in the GAL (Global Address List). If you are adding the account as an additional mailbox via Outlook, you will need to have the account appear in the GAL in order to add it. Once you have added it to all computers, you can then request to have the account hidden if needed.

The account owner is the person who can call the ITS Help Desk to add or remove people from the "Who has full access" security group or to change the account password if needed. This must be an individual not a group.

When the shared account has been added to the O365 email server, the Requestor will receive an e-mail message.


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