FY17 Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards

Proposal Submission Form

Applicants must submit their proposal using this online application by

October 17, 2016

Before filling out this application, please review the ITTA Proposal Guidelines. Applicants are encouraged to contact: Steve Tomblin, 335-6271, email: ATAC-ITTA-PROPOSAL-SUBMISSION@list.uiowa.edu for assistance in determining whether their proposal is suitable for the funding program.
Based on the submitted applications, the Academic Technologies Advisory Council will select applicants to interview. A detailed budget, project timeline and milestones will be requested for the second round of review.

Significant Dates

September 15, 2016 - Call for proposals issued.
October 17, 2016 - Proposals due.
November 30, 2016 - Interviews completed.
December 31, 2016 - Awards winners notified and funds made available.

Title of the Proposal

Principal Investigator

Co-Investigator(s): Name, College, Department

What do you intend to do?

  • List courses that will be enhanced by this proposal. Include class size.
  • Describe teaching and learning challenges in the course or unit and explain the significance of the challenge.
  • Propose an innovative application of technology to enhance student learning.
  • Include a plan of work including a clearly conceived time frame.

This entry is limited to 4096 characters.

How will it improve student learning?

  • Identify the specific learning objectives of the course or relevant unit.
  • Emphasize how your project  will create engaged participatory learning.
  • Specify how you intend to demonstrate impact of the technology on student learning. The assessment strategy can be quantitative, qualitative, or both.

This entry is limited to 4096 characters.

What resources will you need?

  • Specify what you already have access to (if appropriate) and what you need funding for.
  • External Consultants and Partners: Please include external consultants and partners as well as any required contract or licensed services.
  • Specify if you are using other funding sources for this project and what “needs” are being covered by these sources.
  • NOTE: The award will not fund faculty time.

This entry is limited to 4096 characters.

What is your rough estimate of costs?

  • Include department, college, and grant funding that would be available if this proposal is funded.
  • Specify the costs you need funded by this award.

This entry is limited to 4096 characters.

Supporting Document

  • One supporting document can be attached to your proposal. 
  • The submitted document is limited to a size of 5 MB.
  • Best practice: Please include the principle investigator's last name in the document's filename.
  • Supported file formats:
    • Images - gif, jpg, png, bmp, eps, tif, pict, psd
    • Documents - rtf, html, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, xml
    • Video (URL to a YouTube video is preferred) - mov
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png bmp eps tif pict psd txt rtf html pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx xml mov.

After selecting the document, please remember to select Upload.

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