Submit this form to request an Individual Account - Multiple Users account in O365. Note: Once the account is created, you will log directly into the account with the Account ID and password.

AccountID Naming Standards (No exceptions):
Alphanumeric, 3-19 characters.
Must contain at least one hyphen or underscore character.  This cannot be the first or last character.
Length limit of 19 characters or less including hyphens and underscores.
No spaces or special characters.

Note: The hyphen or underscore is used to distinguish these accounts from user HawkIDs.

Alias Naming Standards (No exceptions):
Must contain at least one hyphen.
The organization, department or program name (or an abbreviation for it) must appear first (e.g.: ITS-, LIB-, UIHC-, Dentistry-, Daily-Iowan-
Limit of 32 characters or less to the left of the @ sign.
No spaces or special characters.

The alias needs to clearly represent the purpose of the mailbox. (e.g.: its-helpdesk)
Selection of overly generic aliases cannot be supported.
It is best to have the AccountID and the Email Alias be in alignment.

Display Name Naming Standards:
Department Name <optional hyphen> Program or Use description
Length limit
of 40 characters or less including spaces.

(e.g.: CLAS History Department  or  ITS-Help Desk)


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