Submit this form to request an Individual Account - Multiple Users account in O365. Note: Once the account is created, you will log directly into the account with the Account ID and password.

AccountID Naming Standards (No exceptions):
Alphanumeric, 3-19 characters.
Must contain at least one hyphen.  This cannot be the first or last character.
Length limit of 19 characters or less including hyphens.
No spaces or special characters.

Note: The hyphen  is used to distinguish these accounts from user HawkIDs.

Alias Naming Standards (No exceptions):
Must contain at least one hyphen.
The organization, department or program name (or an abbreviation for it) must appear first (e.g.: ITS-, LIB-, UIHC-, Dentistry-, Daily-Iowan-
Limit of 32 characters or less to the left of the @ sign.
No spaces or special characters.

The alias needs to clearly represent the purpose of the mailbox. (e.g.: its-helpdesk)
Selection of overly generic aliases cannot be supported.
It is best to have the AccountID and the Email Alias be in alignment.

Display Name Naming Standards:
Department Name <optional hyphen> Program or Use description
Length limit
of 40 characters or less including spaces.

(e.g.: CLAS History Department  or  ITS-Help Desk)


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