The following form is for requesting new print queues and for requesting print queue changes for replacing/changing current printers. 

Before filling out this form please make sure that you have requested and setup a static IP address and where possible that the port as been moved to local-scope addressing (LSA). For information on how to submit these requests please see the following link:

This service is provided by Information Technology Services.

Example: ITS-UCC2800-BW
If this is a replacement printer and the print queue name will be something different than the current name please enter it here.
Please enter the name for the print queue in the following format: .Dept-Building CodeRoom Number-BW/Color/MFD/PLOTTER Example: ITS-UCC2800-BW or ITS-UCC2860-PLOTTER
Please enter any default setting you would like to have set up for the printer. Example: duplex printing, black and white only, color, etc.
Please enter any additional information regarding the printer here. Examples: finisher, trays, etc.
The default security settings for a print queue is to allows any HawkID to print to that queue. If you wish to restrict access to the printer to a specific security group please specify the group.
If you would like to designate a group or individuals to have administrative access to the print queue please list the name of the security group here.

This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.