Request to Add a Resource

A resource is a thing that you schedule instead of a person.  Resources are conference rooms, projectors, laptops, etc.

To request a new resource for scheduling, your departmental liaison should fill out the form below.

Once we have added the resource to the server, you will receive an e-mail notification.  For more information see Office 365 Resource Management.

Batch adds (5 or more resources) - please use this form to request multiple resources.

Request to Remove a Resource

Maximum 20 characters, including hyphens ("/" characters are not valid). Each resource must begin with RES- (included in 20 character limit) followed by BLDGRoom# or BLDG-EquipmentDescription Examples: RES-LC100B, RES-USB-Laptop
This is the person who is the "official" owner of the resource. The owner can contact the ITS Help Desk to add or remove people from the resource security group.
List the HawkID's or Universal Security Group of people needing FULL access to manage the resource in Outlook or OWA. Please separate each HawkID or Security Group with a semi-colon.
Any special instructions or scheduling permissions should be added here (e.g., only users in GroupA can schedule)


This section is only for those admins who need the group added to the Access Management Tool.  

Do you wish to maintain the group (sa-account-name or mail-enabled group listed in "who needs access to the account") in Access Management tools?
What is the name of the group that should be added to Access Management? Do you wish to use SA-group-name or an existing group?
Which Access Management Service should the group be placed in?
Which Hawkids need the ability to add or remove users from having access to the shared account?

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