Requesting A Departmental Mailing List

Departmental Liaisons should fill out the form below to request that a departmental mailing list (e.g., Org and/or Dept) appear in the Global Address List (GAL). These lists are automatically updated daily via the U of I Directory.

Departmental Liaisons may also request a sub-departmental mailing list (e.g., ITS Help Desk is a sub-group of ITS (which is the ORG) and Campus Services (which is the department).

For more information see: Best Practices - Tips and Recommendations for Creating Lists in Office 365

If you are requesting an Org Mailing List, fill out Section 1

If you are requesting an Departmental Mailing List(s), fill out Section 1 & 2

If you are requesting a Sub-department Mailing List(s), fill out Section 1, 2 & 3 Note: you must first have your OU Admin create a "universal" security group before you request your sub-department mailing list.


(e.g., Information Technology Services)
(e.g., 43)
Please check the box ABOVE if you would like ALL Departments in your Organization Note: Your organization will appear in the GAL (Global Address List) and you will be able to use it to send messages to everyone that is a member of your Organization. To specify a single department(s) ONLY, please enter the following:
(e.g., Enterprise Communications)
(e.g., 5061)
(e.g., Enterprise Communications)
(e.g., 5061)
Sub-Department Name (e.g., ITS Help Desk)
NOTE: When the departmental mailing list has been added to the server, the Requestor will receive an e-mail message.