Departmental Public Folders are Outlook folders that are used to share information with others.  For instance, you might use a public folder for a departmental calendar, a message board, or a variety of other collaborative applications.  Note:  Public folders can only be accessed via Windows Outlook users.

Public folders are stored on the O365 server.  These folders can be used to share information with the entire campus or within your department or college.  Public folders have access permissions to determine who can view, create, and modify items in the folders.

Note:  ITS has already created all Organizational Unit Public Folders.

To request a departmental public folder, the departmental liaison needs to fill out the form below with the following information.

For more information on Public Folders see Public Folders in Outlook.

(Type your Organizational Unit Folder Name (e.g., Athletics, Provost, Library, etc.)
(Type your Department Public Folder Name (e.g., FSG, Admissions, English etc.)
(List HawkID's)
When the Public Folder has been added to the Office 365 server, the Requestor will receive an e-mail message.

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