Please fill out as completely as possible.  Note:  If you are using multiple third party systems (e.g., Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, etc), you will need to fill out this form for each one.  

What third party service(s) are you using to send the email messages? (e.g., Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, etc.)
marketing (general/departmental addresses); recruiting/outreach (multiple individual addresses of people); institutional; transactional, etc.
What sub-domain would you like to use (e.g., The sub-domain cannot be a CNAME (It can not be an alias for another name) The sub-domain must be under (e.g, The sub-domain must be approved by the hostmaster
Is this a mailbox on Office 365 or a mailbox on the third party vendor site?
Is this a shared account? Personal Account (needs to be a shared account)
Yes/No If you are not currently using an Office 365 shared account, you should request one. Once you have finished submitting this form, see to request an Office 365 shared account
Do you want the secondary address added as or This will be the "From" address you use to send the email messages.
Please check to see if your 3rd party application supports SPF and DKIM. Note: this list may not be up to date. Therefore, we recommend that you also check with your 3rd party vendor if the list doesn't show they support both DKIM and SPF.
IT Staff, person responsible for third party application, etc.