New Student Organization Shared Account

Submit this form to request a student organization shared/departmental account.  Student organizations require approval from the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership.  When submitted, this form will be electronically forwarded for approval.

Note: Once the account is created, you will not log directly into the shared account. Information on accessing from Outlook Web Access (OWA).

For more information on shared/departmental accounts, see Managing Office 365 Shared Departmental Account.

Account ID - Email Alias Naming Standards:
Alphanumeric, 3-20 characters, including studorg- characters. No spaces or other special characters.
Must begin with studorg- (this is already added in the field above.  Add the remainder of your account name after the hyphen)
(e.g. studorg-ballrmdance)
The email alias will be the
Note: The hyphen is used to distinguish these accounts from user HawkIDs.

Display Name Naming Standards:
Length limit
of 40 characters or less including spaces.

When you send a message from this account, what would you like the display name field to be.
(e.g.: Ballroom Dance Club)

List the HawkIDs or "Universal" Security Group of people who need full access. 
*** Please separate each with a semicolon ;

People and Groups listed here will have full access to the account,
i.e. they can modify folder permissions, modify delegate access, and send email from the account.


Directory Information will include Display Name, Account Alias and Organization from above, plus Campus Phone and Campus Address from below when supplied.
Do you want this account listed in the online directory?

A campus address ending in a building code is recommended.  The white pages link the address back to the campus building maps using the last "word" in the address field.  If the building code is not valid, the link to the maps won't work.
eg.: 2800 UCC

The account owner is the person who can call the ITS Help Desk to add or remove people from the "Who has access" security group or to change the account password if needed.

When the shared account has been added to the server, the Requestor will receive an e-mail message.


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