Device Management Information

Part of the UUE Project

Welcome to the Device Management Information Site - Part of the Universal User Experience Project

Below you will find information specific to this part of the project and answers to questions that you may have.  This will include why there is a need to upgrade, what changes will occur, and who to contact if you have more questions.  


Device Management encompasses many aspects of your computer software maintenance and power consumption.

This includes when software can be installed on you computer, what software can be installed, and when your computer may be put into a standby (known also as sleep) mode to conserve power when not in use.

The goal of this is to install updates in a non-disruptive way (such as when you are logged into the computer) and to limit power consumption of your computer when you are not using it.

Your local IT support staff will schedule a time with your department and then will send out an email to you and your department to inform you when this will occur.

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