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Top 5 Tech Tips for Students: 

The Help Desk is a busy place at the start of the semester. Avoid the lines and stress less by following these top tips:

1. Know Your HawkID Password 

A HawkID is necessary to register for classes, view tuition, log in to email, and access most online university services. Your HawkID and password provide access to your grades, finances, and other personal information, so you should never share your password.

If you forgot your HawkID and/or password or you would like to change your password, visit the HawkID Tools page. 

You'll be required to reset your password every year, and we'll start sending you email notifications two weeks before expiration. 

2. Enroll in Two-Step Login with Duo Security

Two-Step Login with Duo requires you to finish the login process through an enrolled device such as a smartphone or tablet. Adding the second step makes it difficult for scammers to access your accounts using stolen HawkIDs and passwords since it asks you to verify your login using a device only you possess. Enrollment in Two-Step will be required soon, so we recommend doing it now

To enroll: 

  1. Search for and download the free Duo Mobile app in your device's app store. 
  2. Next, set up your Duo profile and secure your data using the Two-Step enrollment tool.
  3. Find additional instructions for enrolling and managing your Two-Step Login account

Already enrolled in Two-Step and receiving phone calls or text messages to complete your logins? Switch to the Duo app! It is easier, faster, and safer. 

3. Set up Email Using Outlook

The Outlook app is the safest email app available.  

How to access your email:

4. Connect to Campus Internet

Note: When connecting, always enter your username in the form of (e.g.,

5. Take Advantage of Free Resources and Software

As a registered student, you have access to a large volume of software and other resources. Some of the most popular titles include: 

  • Microsoft Office--You can install Microsoft Office on up to five personal machines for free. Learn how to install Microsoft Office
  • OneDrive for Business (file storage)--Don't wait for a virus or hard drive failure to wipe out that 20-page paper. Similar to Google Drive, you can back up and share your important documents with OneDrive for Business
  • Windows 10--You are eligible for one Windows 10 license for free. Here are instructions on how to download and install Windows
  • LinkedIn Learning--This is a free, online training library of tutorials and courses on a variety of topics ranging from technology and applications to professional workplace skills​​. Check out the LinkedIn Learning support site
  • Virtual Desktop--Provides remote access to many University-licensed programs (SPSS, SAS, Mathematica, and more) from anywhere without having to obtain and install the software on your own computer​. Learn more about Virtual Desktop
  •  Browse our recommended titles.

We will do our best to support any computer you bring to campus. If you will be purchasing a new computer, take advantage of discounted education rates.

Explore our suggested computer configurations for new and previously purchased computers to see how they compare to our recommended requirements.  

If you already have a computer for school, make sure it is up to date by following these easy steps to update your operating system.

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