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What is ifolio?

The ifolio project is a modular, customized, and web-based electronic portfolio system to serve the diverse needs of many departments.

What are the benefits of using an electronic portfolio to assess teaching and learning?

ifolio enables students to organize and present visual materials more efficiently and effectively to peers, advisors, faculty, and prospective employers and graduate institutions. As a result of this project, students are equipped to document their growth, creative work, and scholarly/professional development over the course of their engagement with life long learning.

What are the differences between teaching, career, and learning portfolios?

ifolio is considered a learning portfolio environment. Learning takes place over time and the documentation, reflection, and feedback used in ifolio helps students to reevaluate key moments and how they relate to current education goals and allows students to become more reflective practitioners.

  • Learning Portfolios - used to provide students with reflective and authentic learning opportunities over time
  • Teaching Portfolios - used by faculty and graduate students to demonstrate their teaching accomplishments
  • Career Portfolios - used by students to market their accomplishments to potential employers

For more information, please visit https://teach.uiowa.edu/electronic-portfoliosifolio

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