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“Leadership can be learned. In fact, it must be learned.”

Brian McDonald, President, MOR

MOR Associates offers a proven approach to building leaders that combines feedback, individual development goals, one-on-one coaching, workshop instruction, and applied learning. Thousands of leaders from public, private, and non-profit organizations have realized significant, lasting benefits from this programs, and their organizations have benefited from the improved ability of these leaders to deliver results.

Since 2007, ITS has sponsored an annual cohort on our University of Iowa campus as well as a traveling cohort made up of individuals from various CIC schools.  Combined these cohort represent well over 200 senior leaders, directors, and individual contributors all speaking a common leadership language to further IT on our campus and to move the University of Iowa's mission forward with IT.

Accolades for the IT leadership program are numerous.  Some graduates had the opportunity to discuss their experience. This video offers a glimpse in to each alum's unique perspective and personal growth.

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