Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 10:04am

Earlier this year (8) University of Iowa scholars received a total of $103,633 in support of their innovative approaches to teaching with technology. Sponsored by the Academic Technologies Advisory Council (ATAC)1, this year's Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award winners are:

FY13 Innovations in Teaching using Technology Awards
Name Department Proposal Title Award
Geoscience Engaging undergraduates in STEM laboratories using emerging technologies for teaching and learning $36,827
Computer Science Making Algorithmic Thinking Concrete via Collaboration with the Performing Arts $15,000
George De La Pena Dance Muscle and Anatomy Analysis in Dance Instruction and Innovative Creative Research with Digital Technology $11,700
Communications Sciences & Disorders Mobile App for Phonetics: The Sounds of Spoken Language website $6,450
Anthropology & Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies Problem-Solving with Transnational Feminism $1,500
Museum of Art The University of Iowa Museum of Art Mapping Project: Art and Life in Africa $10,000
Chinese Program, ASLL, DWLLC Web-Based and Mobile Device Supported Intermediate Chinese Reading Learning Website for Intermediate Classes $1,216
Ibrahim Ozbolat Industrial
Phase II: Refinement, Integration and Large-Scale Deployment of the Internet-controlled Cell Printing Platform for Interactive Biomanufacturing in Engineering Curriculum $20,940
    TOTAL: $103,633
1The Academic Technologies Advisory Council assists the Provost's Office and Chief Information Officer in setting directions and priorities for developing, implementing, and evaluating instructional technology directions for the university.
The Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards help fund innovative applications of instructional technologies that impact student success and retention. Applicants are encourage to use emerging instructional technologies such as augmented reality, crowd-sourcing, electronic books (ePub/eText), game-based learning, geo-everything, gesture-based computing, learning analytics, mobile computing, personal web, open content, semantic-aware applications, simulation/simulators for instruction, smart objects, social networking, visual data analysis, and video (e.g., "grassroots video"). For a description on each of these and other technologies used for instruction see "2013 NMC Horizon Report: Six Technologies to Watch." “Since its inception in 2001, this award program has a history of pushing the edges of teaching and learning by putting innovative applications of emerging instructional technologies into the hands of students,” said Maggie Jesse, senior director of Instructional Services at Information Technology Services. 

ATAC selected these eight proposals from a pool of twenty five:

Adam Ward was awarded $36,827 to redesign the existing lecture and laboratory content of the "Introduction to Environmental Science" course that has an annual enrollment of 400-450 students. The redesigned course will provide an opportunity for non-STEM majors to engage with science in their daily lives and to see linkages among STEM disciplines and the arts and humanities. The redesign will also help STEM majors engage with the fine arts. More details…

Alberto Segre was awarded $15,000 for funding the purchase of five programmable Aldeberan NAO H25 robots to support interdisciplinary collaborative learning among computer science and dance students. Students will learn core computational concepts by designing, choreographing, directing, and producing a robotic dance performance. More details…

George De La Pena was awarded $11,700 to purchase iPads and applications for illustrating basic core principles of movement to show dance students the relationship and operation of bones and joints along with the muscles they must activate in order to move the bones and identify the flexion or extension needed to execute movements in an efficient manner, thereby reducing the risk of injury. More details...

Jerald Moon was awarded $6,450 to hire a student developer to update "The Phonetics: The Sounds of Spoken Language" website that was created in 2001 using University of Iowa Instructional Improvement Award funds. More details…

Meena Khandelwal was awarded $1,500 for initial hardware costs to explore ways for students to study historical and contemporary linkages between cultures. More details…

Catherine Hale was awarded $10,000 to support the development of the University of Iowa Museum of Art (UIMA) Mapping Project - a digital map that integrates the objects in the UIMA collections with a wide range of historical, cultural, environmental and other kinds of data. More details...

Xiaoyuan Zhao was awarded $1,216 to cover the hardware and software to support building a desktop and mobile-device friendly website to accompany reading lessons of the Intermediate Chinese Reader textbook used in current intermediate language courses starting fall 2013. More details...

Ibrahim Ozbolat was awarded $20,940 for hardware and graduate student staffing to complete development of a previous ITTA funded project that resulted in the development of a remotely controlled bio-printing platform for engineering undergraduate curriculum. This funding will further efforts to integrate new technologies and developments in science into interactive teaching. More details…

Proposals for the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards are accepted in the fall. Applicants are encouraged to get started on them now.

ATAC provides feedback and assist in development of proposals. For more information, contact, or visit the award program’s website.