Lots of people outside ITS offices
Friday, September 5, 2014 - 9:42am

Information Technology Services is a bustling place at the start of a new school year.

A steady stream of questions flows through the ITS Help Desk as people seek tech support for tasks like configuring email or wireless service, installing software, and resetting HawkID passwords. This year, the Help Desk responded to over 4,100 contacts, an increase of 15% over 2013.

MAUI—the student record system that manages vast amounts of data—gets a serious workout as U-bills are issued and paid, financial aid is disbursed, and course registrations are firmed up.

Also, use of ICON—the university’s online course-management system—ramps up as students and instructors contribute course content, assignments, grades, discussion board posts, and quizzes.

Here are a few start-of-semester metrics for some key services and support provided through ITS.

Help Desk:

  • 4,148 contacts in the first week
  • Top categories of questions: HawkID, email, ICON, Microsoft Office/software installs, wireless, Duo Security (two-factor authentication), and printing


  • 32,860 daily user logins in the first week
  • 4,460 active fall 2014 course sites


  • Electronic Drop/Add: 19,800 course section changes by over 6,100 students
  • Waitlist: 716 students moved from course waitlists to actual courses
  • Billing: assessed tuition for 33,283 students
  • Financial Aid: disbursed over $147 million in grants and loans
  • Degree Audit: week before the semester started: over 14,000 degree audits executed by students or administrators; first week of school: over 16,600 audits
  • Admissions: Processed over 4,200 applications and admitted almost 3,500 students

UICapture (lecture capture service):

  • Page Views: 45,050
  • Users: 5,899


  • 57 wiki spaces (2,230 pages) created in August

Online courses:

  • Online@Iowa: current enrollment: 1,117
  • Managing Your Money: current enrollment: 511

Papercut print service:

  • 199,374 print jobs
  • 1,069,531 printed pages

Bongo bus-tracking service:

  • New Downloads, iOS: 3,180
  • New Downloads, Android: 1,923
  • Users: 16,511
  • Mobile App hits: 235,991
  • New trip planner hits: 1,938
  • Website hits: 22,652

HawkTools mobile app for students:

  • New downloads: 1,700
  • Total unique users: 4,969
  • Sessions: 48,300