Office 365 ProPlus Upgrade Information

Part of the UUE Project

Welcome to the Office 365 Upgrade Information Site - Part of the Universal User Experience Project

Below you will find information specific to this part of the project and answers to questions that you may have.  This will include why there is a need to upgrade, what changes will occur, and who to contact if you have more questions.  

Office 365 ProPlus is the latest version of Microsoft's Office suite software.  On campus, most computers have some version of Office installed.  The following is software most commonly associated with Micosoft Office:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Access

Office 365 ProPlus is unique from the campus Office 365 Web Components.  Unlike most referrals to Office 365, Office 365 ProPlus is software installed onto your computer and not out in the cloud.

Our goal is to have Office 365 ProPlus on all computer workstations where possible.

This will give you access to new features at a quicker pace for you to use when using an Office application.

Along with the newest features, you will also benefit from the many security enhancements to protect you and campus from malicious activities when using any Office application.

Currently, Office 365 ProPlus upgrades are being rolled out as quickly as possible. 

Your local IT support staff will schedule a time with your department and then will send out an email to you and your department to inform you when this will occur.

To learn more about the campus Universal User Experience project, you can clink the link below:

UUE Project