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NOTE:  This software will no longer be available via campus agreement after July 14, 2021.  Read further for details.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a commercial distribution of the Linux operating system for those needing vendor support.  It should only be requested if the application requires Red Hat for support.  Otherwise, it is recommended that you choose CentOS.  Please contact your local IT support person to obtain Red Hat. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system supports diverse workloads in physical, virtualized, and cloud environments.

Patches for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and access to custom software channels are provided by the RHN Satellite server through July 14, 2021.

This service is centrally funded through July 2021 (campus site license).  ITS has made the decision not to renew the campus agreement for this software after the current fiscal year.  This means that after July 14, 2021, it will no longer be covered by campus agreement, and anyone wishing to continue using RHEL will need to acquire their own licenses.  Additionally, centralized patching and security updates will NO LONGER be provided for RHEL after July 14, 2021.  It is recommended that users move their workloads to a different version of Linux between now and July 14, 2021.  CentOS is recommended as a replacement as it feels similar to RHEL, and is available free of charge.  It should be noted that CentOS is not centrally supported outside of ITS managed machines.

After July 14, 2021, centralized patches and updates will no longer be available via RHN Satellite.  If you need to run a Red Hat server after this date, you will be responsible for obtaining a license and using RHN services to keep it patched and updated.  These items will no longer be provided centrally after July 14, 2021.


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