Explanation of Roles
Before you share your ifolio with anyone, you may want to review the Explanation of Roles that your department has created.

  1. Click on the Tools button and Select Explanation of Roles.
    1. Each department has created different roles so your peers in other majors will not have the same options as you do.
    2. Some roles are “global” roles, meaning you cannot delete or unshare your ifolio with those people.
    3. Other roles are roles your department has created for you to make it easier to determine what parts of your ifolio should be shared and what shouldn’t.
    4. And one other option for some majors is to create a custom role where the student decides who and what to share.

To share your ifolio

  1. Click on Tools, Share
  2. Review who already has access to your ifolio and whether you can delete them or whether they have a global role. If the Delete option is greyed out, then it is a global role and you do not have the right to delete this person from your ifolio.
  3. You can share your ifolio with someone who has a HawkID (University person) or someone outside of the University via email.
  4. Type in a HawkID or email address.
  5. Select from the available roles that you have and then Click Share.
  6. The person you share your ifolio with will receive and email with a direct link to your ifolio
  7. Reviewing your Share Page periodically is a good idea because you can see who has last viewed your ifolio. Perhaps you have applied for a job and want to see if a prospective employer has viewed your ifolio yet or you have forgotten that you shared it with a peer student the semester before and now want to “unshare” it.
  8. If you want to set your sharing to expire at a certain date, click on the calendar icon under the Expires tab
  9. A pop-up calendar will appear and you can select the date you want this sharing to expire.
  10. You can also take off the expiration date by clicking on the little "x" next to the date.
  11. If you want to see other ifolios that people have shared with you, Click on the ifolio logo at the top of the page, Share and then the Share link and View Other’s Portfolios.
  12. Clicking on their name will take you into their ifolio with your shared role.
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Last updated: 
October 4, 2016