Option in and out of receiving emails

Portfolio owners automatically receive email when anyone comments in the ifolio.

  1. Log into the ifolio Home page or if you are already logged in to your ifolio go to Tools -> ifolio Home.
  2. Click on the Settings button below the ifolio Home banner.
  3. Portfolio owners can simply uncheck the option to receive emails. Think about this before opting out because if you do opt out, you will have to go in manually every time to see if your reviewers have left you any comments.

Reviewers get the choice on what to receive emails for. There are two ways for Reviewers to opt in and out of email.

First Option: If you are a reviewer who only has access to a few ifolios OR if you have Academic Advisor or other high-level access and need to keep track of what ALL of the owners in a specific ifolio are doing, you may want to opt in and out of emails this first way. By checking the boxes, you will get email anytime anyone makes changes to that feature.

  1. Select the Shared Email Notifications tab.
  2. Check only the things you want to receive email for. Remember that if you are asking students to both upload an artifact and reflect on that artifact, you may only want to get an email notification when they have done both so you would check next to artifact reflection only. You can change these settings as many times as you wish.

Second Option: If you have high-level access, but are only mentoring a few students out of all of the ifolios you have access to, choose this method:

  1. On the ifolio Home menu bar, click on the Share tab and select View Other's Portfolios.
  2. A listing of those who have shared ifolios with you will now show.
  3. Click on the edit button next to the student you want to receive emails from.
  4. Simply check next to the items you want to receive emails on.
  5. Click Save. You will now only receive emails from this particular student for the specific items you have checked on.
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Last updated: 
October 4, 2016