Creating a Custom Role

  1. Each department has created different roles so your peers in other majors will not have the same options as you do.
  2. Some roles are “global” roles, meaning you cannot delete or unshare your ifolio with those people.
  3. Other roles are roles your department has created for you to make it easier to determine what parts of your ifolio should be shared and what shouldn’t.
  4. And one other option for some majors is to create a custom role where the student decides who and what to share.
  5. Type in an email address and select Custom Role from the drop-down list of available roles.
  6. Remember, not all majors have this option.
  7. Click on the Share button.
  8. The person you just Shared your ifolio with now appears in the Shared List.
  9. Click on “edit rights” next to the name of their role.

It is extremely important that you understand what sharing your ifolio means and what parts of the ifolio you may or may not want to share with individuals outside of the University.

The most important thing to remember is that this is part of your academic record. It is important to only share comments with individuals outside of the University if you feel it will benefit you by giving them access. Your professors, mentors, etc. may have written comments that you don’t necessarily want prospective employers or a graduate school admissions office to see. Think very carefully BEFORE you custom share your ifolio. Do not simply go through and check all the options you have available without thinking about the consequences of doing so.


10. Click on the boxes next to what you want to share and then Click Save.

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Last updated: 
October 4, 2016