Creating a Master Plan
Your Master Plan can be a work in progress. This is a place to map out requirements for your degree, not necessarily individual courses. Not sure which natural science general education course you will take two semesters from now? That's OK, simply write "Nat Sci gen ed w/lab 4 s.h." and choose the exact course when making your plan for that semester. However, if you plan to take a course with a prerequisite using the Master Plan to note the exact course sequence will be useful.

The Master Plan does not appear in all ifolios. However, it may be listed in some under Academic Planning.

  1. Click Academic Planning, Master Plan.
  2. Click on Create new master plan.
  3. Name the new Master Plan.
  4. Fill out the semester year and then begin filling out the Master Plan by tabbing through the fields.
  5. Make sure you use the official course information and don’t just guess on the semester hours for a course.
  6. There are Save buttons between each major row so that you can SAVE OFTEN.
  7. If you reload the browser page, the semester hours will automatically add up.
  8. Typically, the Master Plan should be filled out before you go to your academic advising appointment. This will help you think about things like when you may want to Study Abroad or do an on-site internship
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October 4, 2016