Creating a Major Plan
Your Major Plan can be a work in progress. This is a place to map out requirements for your particular major. This may not appear in all ifolio types. This may also appear in some ifolios as an attached template which you can download and change often or it may be an embedded worksheet within ifolio.

For most College of Liberal Arts and Sciences majors, the Major Plan may include general education requirements as well as the major requirements.

Sample of part of General Education Requirements

Sample of some of the Art major requirements

  1. Click Academic Planning, Major Plan
  2. Fill out the fields based on the courses that you actually took.
  3. This is NOT an official transcript or degree audit.
  4. Use tab to go through the form.
  5. If you reload the browser page, the total hours at the bottom of the page will automatically add up.
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October 4, 2016