Voicemail & Missed Call Messages are Delivered to Your Inbox. 

We suggest you create an _Voicemail folder and have a rule move Unified Messaging messages to this folder.

  1. Create a new folder named _Voicemail.  The _ in front will bring the folder to the top of your folder list. 
  2. Create a new rule where the subject contains “Voice Mail” and “Missed Call” | then select Move it to the _Voicemail folder.

Note: If you use Favorite folders in Outlook, right click the _Voicemail folder and choose “Show in Favorites. 



Unified Messaging Voicemail Message Deletion

If you delete a voicemail message from either your Office 365 inbox or by calling into your voice mailbox it is deleted from both places. 

  1. Once you delete the email containing the .wav attachment, the voicemail is also deleted from the Unified Messaging system.  
  2. If you call into the Unified Messaging system and delete a message over the phone, the message will be deleted from your email Inbox.

New/Old Unified Messaging Voicemail Messages

The message is no longer considered "New" by the Unified Messaging system once an email message has been marked as "Read" in your email account.  

  • You will need to mark the email messages as "Unread" to have them listed as "New."
  • Similarly, if you call into the system and listen to a "New" message, the corresponding message in your Inbox will also be marked as "Read."
  • Voicemail messages will remain in the system as long as the email (and attachment) remains in your Inbox.

Caller ID Functionality

You may have previously been seeing caller ID for some calls, but due to a required technical change to the system you will temporarily only see these call routing numbers instead of the actual caller ID. 

As we transition from the legacy voicemail system to the more advanced Unified Messaging system, certain features such as this will need to be phased in.  Until the old system is retired, we are not able to provide full caller ID functionality. 

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February 27, 2018