Lecture captures should be approached as an iterative process. Faculty should practice the technical fundamentals required before, during, and after the class session. After going through this iteration, the learning from watching the captured class will lead to changes that can be implemented before and during the next class. Below is a checklist of practices that faculty should address for each recorded class session.

Before Class

  • Attach and turn on microphone.
  • Wear solid colors that have little pattern.
  • Educate students on the interface used to watch lectures.
  • Employ strategies to encourage students’ class attendance and viewing of webcasts. For example, students can be given points for participation (attendance) or for submitting short discussion board postings. This ensures that students view and comprehend the material and also provides interaction with faculty and other students.

During Class

  • The instructor should stay within the video and sound capture zone.
  • Faculty should repeat students’ questions before answering.
  • Classes should be monitored in real time to determine whether the capture quality is satisfactory.
  • Whiteboards need to be erased carefully before being used again.
  • Faculty should remember that when they point at things on the whiteboard, students might not be able to see that detail in the video.

After Class

  • Faculty should view their own recorded lectures for overall capture quality (video, sound, whiteboard, etc.).
  • Faculty, by watching recorded lectures, can learn from mistakes and improve future lectures.


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February 16, 2017