In January 2009, a full RFP process was done to standardize to one vendor for a lecture capture solution by a task force including IT campus partners and central ITS. In this process, echo360 was the preferred vendor and funding was approved for a “pilot” implementation.  At the time, AD authentication was available for the end users, but was not yet available for capturing. Echo360 was asked to work on this development before Iowa would go to a complete contract and campus standardization.

Echo360 remained in “pilot” mode until fall 2009, when a new project team was named to revisit the lecture capture solution and make recommendations to move to a campus wide standardization service implementation. The lecture capture market has remained a rapidly changing market so it was necessary to take another look at other vendors.

Spring 2010, the State of Iowa made the decision that all Regents schools make an attempt to collaborate where possible on IT related integrations. As a result, Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI met and discussed lecture capture solutions.

Two committees were convened to help with the process: 1) a Pedagogy Committee to help advise what the website needed to include, and 2) a Policy and Best Practices Committee to help decipher the needs of the campus and set guidelines for best practices including storage, archiving, and infrastructure.

Pedagogy and Lecture Capture Committee Members

Annette Beck (ITS-Instructional Services, project manager), Michael Teague (CLAS Faculty), Sampada Mhatre (College of Nursing IT), Jim Chaffee (College of Business IT), Hugh Hansen (College of Medicine Academic Affairs), Steve Tomblin (ITS-Instructional Services), Aprille Clarke (ITS-Instructional Services), Chris Sandy (ITS-Instructional Services)

Policy and Best Practices Committee Members

Annette Beck (ITS-Instructional Services, project manager), Jim Chaffee (College of Business IT), Pat Whetstone (College of Nursing IT), Doug Eltoft (College of Engineering IT), Chuck McBrearty (College of Dentistry IT), Al Raymond (College of Pharmacy IT), Bob Ramsey (College of Law IT), Shannon Manley (College of Medicine IT, John Achrazoglou (College of Education IT), Ray Bennett (College of Public Health IT), Aletia Morgan (CLAS IT, Jamie Matthews (CLAS IT), Paul Soderdahl (Libraries IT), Ron Kral (Division of Continuing Education IT), Ken Mason (CLAS Faculty), Michael Teague (CLAS Faculty), Hans House (College of Medicine Faculty), Michael Lomax (CLAS Faculty), Lynette Renner (CLAS Faculty), Chris Clark (ITS-Instructional Services), Chris Sandy (ITS-Instructional Services), Ryan Lenger (ITS-Instructional Services)

Friday, June 4th, ITS announced that Panopto would be the support vended solution for the campus lecture capture solution.

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February 16, 2017