Purchasing a TurningPoint License

How can my students purchase TurningPoint licenses?

The University of Iowa has adopted the "bookstore model" for purchasing ResponseWare licenses.

Students that need to purchase a license may access the Turning Account Student Store after following the Turning Account Registration link from within their ICON course Modules page.

Turning Account Student Store
  1. You must FIRST log into Canvas and select your Clicker Course
  2. Select Modules and locate the Turning Account Registration link.
    Note that your instructor may place this in a different place within Canvas.  Contact your instructor if you are unable to locate this link.
  3. Click that registration link.  You will be redirected and you may be asked to sign into Canvas again.
  4. Verify your information, check the box to agree to the End User Agreement, and select “FINISH”
  5. If you need to purchase a license, click “Purchase” and enter in your debit/credit card information.  Your license will automatically be applied to your Turning Account.   
  6. You do NOT need to enter in a device ID.  Click FINISH to finalize your Turning Account. Once complete, you should see two green checkmarks.  One under license and one under LMS
  7. Download the Response Ware APP to your Android or iOS device.  You can also access www.responseware.com with any browser enabled device to join your instructors clicker session

Instructors, please include this new information about exchanging physical clickers in your syllabus if you plan to use them in your class. Students should go to the IMU Bookstore only for these exchanges.

Support resources, including video tutorials and user guides, are available at https://www.turningtechnologies.com/support/turningpoint-cloud

Do I need to purchase my own receiver?

Faculty do not need receivers to run ResponseWare sessions in their classrooms.

After opening the TurningPoint Cloud program instructors will connect to the ResponseWare site to collect student responses.

Where to click to Connect to ResponseWare

See Turning Technology's documentation on Running your Session for further details:

User Guides For PC Video Tutorial for PC
User Guides For Mac Video Tutorial for Mac
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July 17, 2017