David McGraw sat down with SITA to talk about uidea, a project he created for his arts management class with a colleague in recreation management.

McGraw: “Both our classes cover events management from start to finish, and, so, over coffee one day, we thought, might be interesting one day to run a little competition...”

Professors McGraw and Gwebu had just the kind of idea SITAs love talking about with clients. They had a novel idea, and it had the potential to be a great experience for the students, but they just needed a way to make it operate smoothly. SITA helped fill in the gaps.

McGraw: “What I really liked about SITA was that it wasn’t just 'here are some shiny new toys to play with...'”

Some resources used to create uidea:

  • UI Wiki Service
  • Digital media consulting services
  • Some videos on the UIdea site were created in our consultation studio.
For more information, visit uidea.org

Although SITAs are student staff members,their office is full of true professionals who know instructional design and technology well. Everyone on the team is focused on learning, not technology for technology’s sake.

From that body of knowledge, SITA communicates both the pros and cons of various technologies to our clients so they can make focused, results-oriented decisions about which way to go.

McGraw: “…SITA wasn’t just waiting or reactionary to my needs, in each of the meetings, new ideas were brought to me…”

SITA is always on the lookout for new technologies and solutions that meet clients’ needs. We aggregate technology options from the campus with third party solutions and rely on clients and partners around campus to help provide clients with agile service that moves at the speed of technology.

McGraw: “For SITA to work with me on that, it’s actually been a time saver for me, and something were I can also be a little bit more in tune with what the students are already encountering.”

SITAs are University of Iowa students who care deeply about instruction at Iowa because we are on the receiving end of an education from the UI. This unique perspective helps us focus on creating student success.

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May 19, 2016