Since the summer of 2012, the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology has been running pilots and other projects with select technologies, including multiple online textbooks and online learning management systems.  Our goal is to assess which of these technologies most effectively engages students in learning and how the University can best support pedagogically appropriate adoption of these technologies.

Specifically, these pilots will:

- Evaluate student and faculty attitudes towards using eTexts, impact on student learning and cost savings for students

- Examine the impact of eTexts on student learning

- Evaluate accessibility of eTexts and open content

- Learn what enterprise technology support we may need for campus-wide eText efforts

- Explore the cost savings of utilizing eTexts instead of traditional texts for students

- Assess any instructor roadblocks and the successful remedies implemented to assist them in integrating eTexts into their teaching

- Provide input to publishers and decision makers regarding future sustainable business models that are advantageous to students

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May 19, 2016