University of Iowa Mobile Device Policy

The University of Iowa has implemented a policy effective January 1st, 2008 for Faculty and Staff. The full policy is available in the University Operations Manual in Section 11.23 Technology Allowance Policy. Additional information is available from the UI Purchasing Department.

Cellular Telephone Services

University of Iowa users are free to choose plans from the vendor of their choice, but should take care to find plans that are best for them. Choosing the right cellular telephone and service plan is generally confusing. There are many carriers, the plans offered change rapidly and there are enough nuances of the services that figuring which one fits best is challenging.

Assessment of Local Vendors

ITS has evaluated many local vendors and offers the following assessment:

  • At the current time, no single local vendor meets all the diverse needs on our campus.
  • In general, a few vendors are very good in many areas, but individual circumstances will determine which is best for any particular situation.
  • We believe price is important, but coverage and features can be even more so. If your phone does not work where, when and how you need it, it is of little value.
  • Understanding how the phone will be used is the most important factor in finding the best vendor and service plan so taking the time to think about this and analyze the options is worthwhile.


Please note that each vendor offers discounts to the University for business use and most offer some discounts to students and employees for personal use.

Specific cellular vendor discount and contact information are available at the University of Iowa Purchasing Department.

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January 10, 2017