Three Party Conferencing

Currently available is the ability to conference 3 parties into one conversation directly from a campus phone without operator assistance, pre-arrangement, or additional cost. For instructions on setting these up, you may click here to access telephone-specific user guides.

Other conferencing options and features:

Additional features, including web-based scheduling and call management, are available from 3rd party companies that specialize in audio conferencing. Many of these companies provide the flexibility of either scheduled or ad hoc audio conferences, the capability for a large number of participants, and virtually unlimited availability (typically after a free one-time account setup). Costs and options vary by company and can be very competitive and provide excellent value.

Each of the following companies offer special rates for the University of Iowa departments. They also allow you to set up an account at no charge, using a procurement card. Setting up an account in advance is required (processing time varies), but once your account is established you are only billed for actual usage.

Possible providers include:

  • Infinite Conferencing - (888-203-7900)
    ( 3.5 cents per minute per caller for most audio or web conferences*)
  • ConferTel - (866-930-4500)
    ( 10 cents per minute per caller for toll calls or 12 cents per minute per caller toll free - for most audio conferences*)
  • *Rates and pricing structure are subject to change, so ITS cannot guarantee any of these stated prices. Rates provided are to our best knowledge and generally apply to standard reservation-less, non-operator-assisted audio conferences. Please verify the current rate when contacting the individual companies.

There are also other companies that specialize in this type of service, that might better suit a particular need. A web search for terms like "conference call" can identify more vendors, or contact TNS for additional assistance.

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September 17, 2021