TNSConnect Getting Started Guide


TNSConnect works well using Internet Explorer v11, FireFox, Safari and Google Chrome (as of 11/14/2014).

  • Internet Explorer (IE 11) is seamlessly integrated with Hawkid credentials from your current session requiring no login to TNSConnect; requires set-up.
  • Internet Explorer 11 is currently compatible with TNSConnect.
  • FireFox, Safari and Chrome require a login to TNSConnect for every session.

Internet Explorer Setup

  1. Start Internet Explorer
  2. Click on the Tools Menu (might be an icon of a gear)
  3. Click on Internet Options
  4. Click on the Advanced tab
  5. Scroll down the Settings list to “Show Friendly HTTP error messages” and uncheck the box
  6. Scroll down the Settings list (near the bottom) to “Enable Integrated Windows Authentication” and uncheck the box
  7. Click on the OK button
  8. Restart the browser - close all open Internet Explorer windows
    (this includes internet radio stations and other Pop-up windows from IE)

The above steps will have TNSConnect prompt for a username and password each time you access the site. The username is in the format DOMAIN\HawkID (example: IOWA\Herky ). If the computer is not in a secured location (e.g. at a reception desk), it is recommended you always prompt for a username and password.

If the computer is away from public view and you login to the computer with the same HawkID that you access TNSConnect with, you may take the following steps to allow your computer to pass your login information to the webserver automatically:

  1. Start Internet Explorer
  2. Click on the Tools Menu (might be an icon of a gear)
  3. Click on Internet Options
  4. Click on the Security tab
  5. Click on "Local Intranet"
  6. Click on the Sites button
  7. Click on the Advanced button
  8. Enter into the “Add this website to the zone:” field
  9. Click on the Add button
  10. Click on the Close button
  11. Click on the OK button (to close the "Local Intranet" window)
  12. Click on the OK button (to close the "Internet Options" window)
  13. This setting should take effect right away. However, you may wish to restart Internet Explorer, and verify your settings persist

To access TNSConnect, enter in your browser address field.

FireFox and Safari should work without changes except you will be required to log in using the domain name and hawkid; for example, IOWA\herky
You will need to allow “pop-ups for this site”.

Google Chrome Set-up

  1. Start Chrome browser
  2. Click on the
    Chrome menu button
    at the right end of the address bar
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on Show  advanced settings...
  5. Click on Privacy --> Content settings...
  6. Scroll down to Plug-ins
  7. Click on Disable individual plug-ins...
  8. Scroll down to Chrome PDF Viewer
  9. Click Disable
  10. Scroll down to Adobe Reader
  11. Click Enable
  12. Close Plug-ins tab
  13. (On the Content settings window) Scroll down to Pop-ups
  14. Click on Manage exceptions
  15. Click in the Add a new hostname pattern
  16. Enter
  17. Click Allow button
  18. Click Done button
  19. Click (Content settings) Done button
  20. Close Settings tab
  21. Close Google Chrome browser

Monthly Reports

The first page has a Link to the TNSConnect News page, the new Report quick button guide for PDFs, some instructions on what to do here, and a list of the billing cutoff Dates.

Getting Started Screen

Next Click on the "View Reports - FY##-TNSConnect" link (where ## is replaced with a 2 digit year, for example FY10 ) for the Fiscal Year you are interested in. Please note that you will only have reports starting from the time that you were set up as a Billing Coordinator. You will not automatically have access to the previous Billing Coordinators records. If there are special circumstances please contact us at

To retrieve the reports available you must click the "Get" button.

Picture shows View Reports fiscal year 2013 menu screen.


The following reports are generated for each billing period:

  1. Call Detail by MFK – printable report designed for user signature to verify long distance usage
  2. Call Detail Excel Friendly – report designed for export to Excel
  3. (Optional) Call Detail for Email - linked reports to be emailed from server. Please email if you are interested in using this type of report
  4. Invoice Summ by MFK – printable report detailing all Telecommunication and Network Services charges that appear on the GLDSS SA3 report; including list of services with locations
  5. Invoice Summ by MFK EqpSvc Excel – report of services by location designed for export to Excel
    NOTE Regarding Invoice Summ by MFK EqpSvc Excel Report:
    The report detail is longer than can be viewed on the screen. The fields that do not display on the screen will still be included in the exported Excel file.

As always, if you have questions or need assistance with your reports, please email


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February 14, 2018