IBM SPSS Statistics v21 for Mac OS Abbreviated Installation Instructions  (Site License)


The following instructions are for installing IBM® SPSS® Statistics version 21 using a site license.

During installation, you will be prompted for the following information. This information will be provided when you purchase a site license. Contact ITS Campus Software Program ( if you do not have the required information.


Organization: The University of Iowa

Authorization Code: See License

Running Multiple Versions and Upgrading from a Previous Release

You do not need to uninstall an old version of IBM® SPSS® Statistics before installing the new version. Multiple versions can be installed and run on the same machine. However, do not install the new version in the same directory in which a previous version is installed.

Note for IBM SPSS Statistics Developer

If you are installing IBM® SPSS® Statistics Developer, you can run the product standalone. You can also install R Essentials and Python Essentials to develop with R and Python.

Installing from a Downloaded File

• Double-click the file that you downloaded and extract the files to some location on your computer.

• Using the Finder, browse to the location where you extracted the files and mount the installer disk image by double-clicking the installer disk image.

• In the mounted disk image, double-click SPSS Statistics Installer, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. See Notes for Installation for any special instructions.

Notes for Installation

This section contains special instructions for this installation.

Installer language. The first panel of the installer prompts for an installer language. By default, the language that matches your locale is selected. If you would like to display the installer in another language, select the language. Click OK when you are ready to proceed.

License type. Be sure to select Site License.

Help language. IBM® SPSS® Statistics provides the ability to change the user interface language. If you want the help language to always match the user interface language, select the languages that you may use. Installing help for additional languages increases disk space requirements by 60-70 MB for each language.

Using the License Authorization Wizard

If you don’t launch the License Authorization Wizard during installation or cancel the License Authorization Wizard before obtaining a license, you can launch it by clicking the License Authorization Wizard icon in the IBM® SPSS® Statistics application folder.

• When prompted, choose License my product now.

• When prompted, enter one or more authorization codes. You should have received the authorization code(s) from your administrator.

The License Authorization Wizard sends your authorization code over the Internet to IBM Corp. and automatically retrieves your license. If your computer is behind a proxy, click Configure proxy settings and enter the appropriate settings.

If the authorization process fails, you will be prompted to send an e-mail message. Choose whether you want to send the e-mail message through your desktop e-mail program or through a Web-based e-mail application.

If you choose the desktop option, a new message with the appropriate information will be created automatically.

If you choose the Web-based option, you must first create a new message in your Web-based e-mail program. Then copy the message text from the License Authorization Wizard and paste it into your e-mail application.

Send the e-mail message and respond to the prompt in the License Authorization Wizard. The e-mail message will be processed almost instantaneously. You can click Enter License Code(s) to enter any license code(s) that you receive. If you already closed the License Authorization Wizard, restart it and select License my product now. On the Enter Codes panel, add the license code that you received and click Next to complete the process.

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March 31, 2017