Installing SAS® 9.3 for Windows 8/Windows 7/ Windows Vista at The University of Iowa


  • If you have not reviewed them yet, please refer to the System Requirements.
  • Review the appropriate requirements for the SAS Installer account:
    • For Windows, the installer account must have Administrator rights (user must be a local administrator on the machine and/or a member of the administrators group.
  • Check compatibility of your computer operating system. SAS 9.3 runs on the Enterprise, Business and Ultimate Editions of Windows Vista, the Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise versions of Windows 7, and the Pro and Enterprise versions of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
  • Determine if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of the operating system. SAS 9.3 is available in a 32-bit or 64-bit edition. You can run the 32-bit version on a 64-bit machine, but you should use the 64-bit edition for optimum performance. If you have the wrong edition, contact the ITS Campus Software Program at to arrange an exchange.
  • Make sure you have sufficient storage space on your computer. SAS 9.3 requires about 4 gigabytes of disk space including documentation. If you are licensed for the Teaching and Research version of SAS, installing all components of the program requires over 8 gigabytes of disk space including documentation.
  • Make sure you have sufficient time to perform the installation.  Installing the software can take as long as 2 - 3 hours after downloading and decompressing the installation files. Downloading and decompressing the files can take as long as 24 hours if you use a wireless connection - we strongly suggest using a wired connection to make certain you retain file integrity.
  • Close all open software applications and disable any virus scanning software on your computer.
  • Make sure that your computer is connected to a wired network connection. Downloading the installation files from a wireless connection is not recommended as these files are very large and require a significant amount of time and bandwidth to download. If you get an error at any point during your download, we strongly recommend that you start the download over again.

For complete details on system requirements for SAS 9.3 please visit the documentation prepared by SAS on SAS System Requirements Windows x64 or SAS System Requirements Windows.


  • Check your computer system – in general SAS 9.3 will not run on Windows Vista Home Edition.
  • Make sure your copy of Microsoft Windows is up-to-date; for example, make sure that all critical Windows updates have been installed. You can find out if all your critical Windows updates have been installed by going to Windows Update and checking for available updates.
  • When you download the SAS files from the ITS Software Download site, the files will be compressed as rar files. Each set of the rar files (or disk) will be saved to separate folders by default – do not change this – it is important to keep each set in its own directory with the default names suggested. After you have downloaded the files, you will need to use a program such as WinRAR or WinZIP to decompress these files so that you can install the software. Once you have selected and installed a software program on your computer to decompress the rar files, choose one of the folders and extract, or decompress all the files in that folder to another folder on your desktop. As you decompress each set of files, use the default folder names suggested by the extraction software.
    NOTE: If you have purchased any version of Teaching and Research SAS, you will need to download 5 sets of rar files (or 5 disks). The Administrative version of SAS is 4 sets of rar files (or 4 disks).
  • To create your SAS Software Depot, use the SAS Deployment Wizard on your media.
  • If you are modifying an existing SAS deployment, perform a backup before you install your new SAS software.
    • Back up the existing SASHOME directory (for example, C:\Program Files\SAS).
  • To install your software, use the SAS Deployment Wizard in your SAS Software Depot and follow the steps outlined below.
  • Double-click the 
    setup.exe graphic
    at the root of the media to start the SAS Deployment Wizard.
  • The following screen will display:

    SAS Deployment Wizard Version 9.3

    NOTE: If you are installing any workstation version of Teaching and Research SAS, this part of the installation process will take 30 minutes or more as the installer checks your system to determine what can be installed on your machine. The actual installation of this software can take 2 or more hours to complete. You must install what you purchased as the code you have been provided will only work with the version you have purchased.
  • You will then get the option to select your installation language. Click OK after you select your language.

  • Choose Language window

  • Select “Install SAS software” in the End User Tasks section and then click next…

    SAS Deployment Wizard. Select Deployment Task. Install SAS software bubbled in.

  • The next option is to select the type of deployment you want to perform. You should select “Install SAS Foundation and Related Software” and then click next…

    SAS Deployment Wizard. Install SAS Foundation and Related Software bubble marked.

  • If you have a 64-bit operating system, you will be presented with the choice of installing SAS in 32-bit Compatibility Mode or in 64-bit Native Mode:

    SAS Deployment Wizard. 64-bit Native Mode bubbled in.


  • The next option is to select which SAS components you wish to install. You should not select any additional components unless you have purchased additional SAS licenses for these components. If you are installing the Teaching and Research version of SAS, you will need to go through this list and remove checks from the items for which you did not purchase a license. Click Next to continue the installation.

    SAS Deployment Wizard. Select Products to Install.
  • The next screen verifies the SAS products you will be installing, click next to continue…

    SAS Deployment Wizard
  • The next screen provides information about the software version you are about to install and includes the expiration date for this new version, click next to continue…
  • SAS 9.3 Installation Data File

  • The next option is to select which languages you wish to install. Detailed information on the disk space required for each language option can be found in the SAS System Requirements Windows x64 or SAS System Requirements Windows documents. To remove all options except English, click “Clear All”. Click Next once you have completed your language selections…

    SAS Deployment Wizard. Select Language Support. Highlighted - Clear All button.
  • The next option is to select your Regional Settings for SAS which should be English (United States). Click next to continue…

    SAS Deployment Wizard. Select Regional Settings.
  • The next option is to select the default program for SAS File Types.  Select the option you prefer. Click Next to continue…

    SAS Foundation (64-Bit) bubble filled in

  • The next option is to select a Java Runtime Environment.  We suggest using the recommended unless you have a custom Java Runtime Environment installed.  Click Next to continue...

    SAS 9.3 Java

  • During the next step in the installation, a tool will run to determine whether or not you have enough disk space to complete the installation that you have just configured by first loading the components you've selected and then examining your file system. Once this is done, click Next to continue…

    SAS Deployment Wizard Checking System progress bar


  • The installation will begin as soon as you click the “Start” button below. During the installation, you may be prompted to provide additional disks or point the installer to SAS Disk 2. When this happens, select the requested folder from your desktop where you extracted the rar files in step 3. The installer may fail to recognize names other than the default name recommended during extraction. The installer will not recognize other folder configuration, for example, if you extract all the rar files to a single folder, the installer will not be able to find the files it needs during the software installation. Any time the installer asks for a different disk, choose the appropriate folder from your desktop.

    SAS 9.3 Ready to Install

  • After the installation is complete, your screen should look like the picture below. Click next to continue…

    SAS 9.3 What Installed

  • Your installation is almost complete, you need to select a support option at this point. Select Send and then click Next to continue…

  • The installation is now complete and you are provided with links to click for further information and resources. Click Finish to complete the installation and close the installer.

    SAS Deployment Wizard: Additional Resources
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May 19, 2016