FY10 Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards

In 2009, (11) proposals were submitted to the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards. The Academic Technology Advisory Council awarded a total of $62,168 for the following (3) proposals.

Proposal Title Investigators Org Unit Department Award
Academic Probation Workshop Diane Hauser College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  CLAS Academic Programs and Service $20,174
iPhone and Touch equipment for innovation in interdisciplinary journalism and computing education James Cremer College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Computer Science $17,000
Development and Assessment of Web-Based Student Generated Cause and Effect Diagrams in Science Education Fred R. Dee Carver College of Medicine Pathology $32,000
      TOTAL: $62,168


Investigators: Diane Hauser
Org Unit: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department(s): CLAS Academic Programs and Services
Proposal Summary: We intend to use Captivate technology to create an interactive, non-credit bearing, online workshop to be taken by undergraduate students who have been placed on academic probation. The Captivate technology would enable the workshop to include interactive components so that students can be engaged throughout the workshop, instead of at the very end. 

James Cremer, Prof./DEO
Prof. D. Perlmutter, Director
Org Unit:
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department(s): Computer Science, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Proposal Summary: In Spring 2010, the School of Journalism and Mass Communications (JMC) and the Computer Science Department (CS) will offer an innovative course in which students work in interdisciplinary teams to design and implement a reference, utility or news application for the iPhone. We will be able to use the acquired equipment for additional similar courses joint with other disciplines and also for capstone group project informatics majors course, 22c94. 


Principle investigator: 

Fred R. Dee

Stephen Hendrix, PhD. 
Brian Lai, PhD.
Org Unit: Carver College of Medicine
Department(s): Pathology
Proposal Summary:

1.  We aim to create novel web-based exercises in which students can intuitively and efficiently construct multi-step diagrams with arrows depicting causal relationships (i.e. leads to, results in, produces, influences) between and among a set of etiologies, risk factors, events, processes, findings and/or observed phenomena.   

2. The exercises will be easily created and edited by teachers from a scripted editor interface.  

3. These exercises will have efficient scoring and feedback mechanisms in that they will be automatically scored from a teacher generated diagram that serves as the key. 

4. Finally we aim that the exercises will be reliable and valid measures of student’s ability, so that they can be used to improve learning in a University of Iowa course. 

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