The Graduate College and ITS provide multiple avenues for assistance with the thesis/dissertation process, including hands-on thesis support service offered by the Graduate College.  Please review the options below and select the most appropriate method of support based on your needs.


For Graduate College formatting requirements and guideline concerns:
Please contact Kris Grinstead (319-335-3599) or Matt Pollard (319-335-3432) in the Graduate Examiner's Office for questions or concerns pertaining to the Graduate College requirements (e.g., what is acceptable, whether or not something meets the requirements, etc.).


For assistance with the conversion of Microsoft Word documents to PDF documents OR uploading PDF documents to the ETD Administrator website:
Please contact Cindy Fetters (319-335-2144) in the Graduate College Academic Office, or utilize the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Support Service (more details below).


For technical assistance with thesis formatting:
There are several methods in which you can receive assistance with your technical concerns (how to format your document to meet the Graduate College requirements, how to use the UI Thesis Template, etc.).  Please review your options below:

Direct Consultation:
If you would like "hands-on" consulting with your thesis formatting, the following options are available:

  • Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Support Service
    • The Graduate College offers one-on-one technical support for students completing their theses or dissertations.  Students can receive one-on-one assistance with formatting and technical support.  This service is offered for all thesis formatting concerns (whether or not you are using the UI Thesis Template to format your documents).  For more information about this service - including dates, times and location - please see the Thesis and Dissertation page.

Phone and Email Consultation:
If your schedule or location does not allow you to obtain technical assistance from the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Support Service, please contact the ITS Help Desk, by phone at 319-384-4357, or by emailing


Additional Resources Available Online:
The following online resources are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Graduate College "Theses and Dissertations" Web Page
    The Graduate College's Thesis and Dissertation web page provides you with all the information you need during the thesis and dissertation process, including the Thesis & Dissertation Support Service (including walk-in dates & times), Graduate College Thesis Manual, ETD resources & support information, upcoming Thesis Defense dates, Graduation/Thesis-Related fees and more.

  • ITS "Thesis & Dissertation" Web Page
    The ITS Thesis & Dissertation Support Center provides you with additional support resources, including the UI Thesis Template (template & documentation downloads), Thesis Template Style Definitions and more.
  • Microsoft Corporation
    Microsoft also offers a wide range of support resources for troubleshooting Microsoft Word issues and familiarizing yourself with the application, including online training, searchable support database, and more. 
    Microsoft Word for Windows: (click “Support”)
    Microsoft Word for Macintosh: (click “Help and How-To”)

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September 29, 2021