Mailing lists allow a person to send an e-mail message to one address and have it automatically forwarded to many e-mail addresses. Office 365 mailing lists can be automatically generated and are ideal for many departmental lists.

LISTSERV by L-Soft is an e-mail list management software. It offers a variety of e-mail list types including announcement-only and discussion groups.

LISTSERV allows list owners to maintain and administer their lists through e-mail or web-browser interfaces. List subscribers can read and send messages via e-mail or through the web interface. They can also control personal list settings through a simple web interface, as well as subscribe or unsubscribe to lists.  The list archives are available online.

The many features of LISTSERV are summarized at LISTSERV Features & Benefits by L-Soft.

LISTSERV is preferable if you need any of the following:

  • a moderated list
  • want online archives
  • allow users to self-subscribe or unsubscribe
  • have non-University of Iowa subscribers
  • want to advertise your list publicly
  • administer the list yourself
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July 25, 2016