An e-mail message you received had an attachment removed for security reasons. See Email Error Codes for more information.

Electronic security protects the virtual borders of The University of Iowa campus. As part of the security, some potentially unsafe e-mail attachments are deleted.

Options for Sharing Files:
  • Rename the file so that it does not have a prohibited three-letter extension on its name, and then have the recipient rename the file back after they receive it. (For instance, rename "myprogram.exe" to "" and then attach and send it.)
  • Share the file using OneDrive through Office 365 with your
  • Instructions and FAQ's for OneDrive.
  • Place the file on a shared drive, such as your department "L:" drive space, and send the person its location.
  • Place it on a web server and send the person a link to its location (this is what software vendors do).
  • Zip and encrypt or password protect the file.
For additional information on sharing files, please visit the links below.

Best Practices for E-mail Attachments

Attachment Blocking Information

List of Blocked Extensions

If you have any questions about attachment blocking, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (319) 384-HELP (4357).

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May 27, 2021