In December 2013, ITS retired VCRs from General Assignment Classrooms.
Our VCRs reached the end of their service lives, and we were unable to find replacement units of sufficient quality and quantity.
Please work with your local IT representative to discuss your available options:
  • Still use VHS - Your department or college may have a VCR; this can be carted into the room during your class and plugged in via auxiliary connections in the room. (Note: iPods and other media players can also be plugged into these "AUX ports.")
  • Go digital – Faculty or departments can purchase a new, digital copy (E.G. digital file, DVD, etc.)
  • Alternatives - Some VHS tapes may not be available in any other format. First, refer to the Copyright Guidelines at the bottom of this page. If Copyright allows it, you may want to consider these three fee-based media transfer services in the Iowa City area:
The Video Center
Andy Small
21 N Van Buren Street, Iowa City, IA 52245
(319) 351-1200
University Camera
4 South Dubuque Street
Iowa City, Iowa
(319) 337-2189
University of Iowa
UI Marketing and Media Production
The University of Iowa Libraries have a great Copyright guide, which includes considerations for classroom use:
The General Counsel's office has developed a worksheet to evaluate whether or not fair use applies to any use of a copyrighted work.  Please see the link below for the worksheet.
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November 30, 2016