FY02 Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards

In 2001, (12) proposals were submitted to the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Awards.  The Academic Technology Advisory Council awarded a total of $84,817 for the following (5) proposals.

Proposal Title Investigators Org Unit Department Award
DVD as Art Portfolios
  • D. Johnson
  • S. Thunder-McGuire
  • S. Hettmansperger
  • C. Roy
  • R. Nordman
  • S. Strait
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Art & Art History $25,762
Language Corpora for the Teaching of French Grammar
  • D. A. Thomas
  • L. K. Heilenman
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences French & Italian $7,680
Iowa Dental Surgical Simulator
  • C. Stanford
  • L. Johnson
  • G. Thomas
  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Engineering
PDAs and Pharmacy Education R. Herman College of Pharmacy   $2,000
Master Music Classes via Video Conference
  • K. Eberle
  • T. Coelho
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Music $11,375
      TOTAL: $84,817


Investigators: Dorothy Johnson, Steven Thunder-McGuire, Sue Hettmansperger, Chris Roy, R. Visiting Professor Russ Nordman, Steven Strait
Org Unit: College of Liberals Arts & Sciences
Department(s): Art & Art History
Proposal Summary: Establish a DVD initiative in The School of Art & Art History to enable students to author, publish and exchange portfolios and other scholarly works on DVD-R medium. 

Investigators: Downing A. Thomas, L. Kathy Heilenman
Org Unit: College of Liberals Arts
Department(s): French & Italian
Proposal Summary: We propose to completely revise the existing 9:112 French Grammar course, putting authentic language corpora and discovery-type activities at its center. Once implemented, the corpora would function as the “text” for the course, providing the raw material to allow students to formulate questions about grammar, devise search strategies, observe the results, compare their results to the "rules" found in reference grammars and textbooks, and draw conclusions.  In essence, students would be both writing their own personal grammars and learning how to use various resources to become independent learners of French.  Equally importantly, this course would also function as an ongoing research project, since individual student projects (interviews of native speakers, transcription and annotation of these interviews, and compilation of other authentic language sources) would be used to expand the database itself. 

Geb Thomas, Clark Stanford, Lynn Johnson
Org Unit: College of Dentistry
Proposal Summary: A project to build and evaluate a surgical simulator that uses force feedback - "haptics" - to teach and assess the tactile skills of dentistry.

Investigators: Ronald A. Herman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Clinical), Director
Org Unit: College of Pharmacy
Department(s): Iowa Drug Information Network
Proposal Summary: The programmable calculator is becoming an obsolete tool and is rapidly being replaced by personal digital devices that have this capability and the potential for many more patient uses.  However, there is currently no commercially available software that can do these pharmacokinetic calculations for personal digital devices.  I would like to write the software that can be used on personal digital devices and then train the students how to use this and other programs that are available for the devices to improve their ability to provide pharmaceutical care at the bedside, without having to go somewhere else to use a computer or without having to use an antiquated, oversized programmed calculator. 

Investigators: Professors Coelho and Eberle
Org Unit: College of Liberal Arts
Department(s): School of Music
Proposal Summary: Professors Eberle and Coelho in consultation with Academic Technologies have investigated the possibility of turning Clapp Recital Hall(which seats 720 people), and Harper Hall(seats 200) in Voxman Music Building into spaces to deliver or receive music instruction to or from other institutions using video conferencing over the Internet. This service could be used by any professor or student in the School of Music.

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